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What We Do

Biko Meccanica designs and manufactures machines for the conversion of flexible abrasive materials. From small, standalone machines (Presses, Belt Slitters, Cut-to-Length Machines) to medium-sized machines (Skiving Machines, Roll Slitters, Flap-Wheels Machines), and up to large, high-performance, computer-controlled plants, Biko Meccanica is able to cover any kind of processing need.

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Auto Flap Wheels Machine

The flap wheels machine MFW FORM automatically cuts the flaps, stacks them into a packet and forms the wheel into a ring. The ring is evacuated and is ready for final operations, i. e. injection and curing.

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Grinding Tester

The Grinding Tester Machine can test and data log the grinding capability of a coated abrasive sample. Sample can be a strip of abrasive or an endless belt.

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Spiraband Slitter

The SBS 5 spiraband slitter is designed to slit abrasive rings paper or cloth. SBS 5 is the perfect machine for medium performance abrasive rings slitting.

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