The Lab Maker Type LMK is a system to produce small batches of coated abrasives. It has been developed to recreate the same environment of a real production line (Maker). Made of all the necessary units to perform a complete coated abrasive production process, the Lab Maker includes: unwinder, gluer, electro strewing system, drying oven and rewinder.

Technical Data

  • Useful width 310 mm (also 610 mm).
  • Unwinding station for rolls up to 500 mm.
  • Unwinding 74 mm (3”) expanding shaft, free on one side.
  • Pneumatic unwinding brake, manually controlled.
  • Variable speed drive up to 30 m/min.


  • Gluer unit with fixed bottom shaft and moving top shaft.
  • Bottom shaft 190 mm dia. rubber covered, motorized by brushless motor, easily removable, with adjustable speed. Two shafts included.
  • Top shaft 150 mm dia., hard chromed, motorized by brushless motor, with adjustable speed.
  • Top shaft mounted on pivoting supports, controlled by two pneumatic cylinders, with independent adjustments on each side of the shaft.
  • Distance between two shafts can be manually controlled with independent setup on the two sides.
  • The two gluer shafts are connected to the gearmotors by cardan shaft.
  • The system synchronizes the speed of the two gluer shafts.
  • Underneath the rubber roll there is a glue basin, easily removable. The rubber shaft is partially placed in the basin.
  • Motorized smoothing roll, hard chromed, with adjustable speed and rotating direction.

Electro Strewing system

  • Grain hopper, mounted on vibrating system, with adjustable frequency, with smooth surface and accurate adjustable opening for grain quantity control.
  • Grain hopper, mounted on vertical sliding support to adjust its height and distance to the electro strewing carpet. Movement by electrical motor controlled by UP/DOWN push buttons.
  • A manual handle adjust the grain hopper horizontal position, for fine setup
  • Horizontal electro strewing unit, based on motorized carpet, with adjustable speed. The complete unit can be placed at an angle or horizontal, adjustable by manual handle.
  • Top frame with guide rollers for web running, housing ground electrodes. The frame can be adjusted in height (distance to the carpet) independently for web inlet and outlet. Adjustment are by electrical motor and manually controlled by UP/DOWN push buttons.
  • Bottom frame made of isolate material, housing high voltage electrodes and guide/motorized rollers for carpet running. Carpet running speed and running direction are adjustable.
  • System can work with DC or AC high-voltage generator.


  • Static drying oven, made of isolated panels, able to fit 6 linear meters of web. With circulating air and exhaust connection for outer exhaust system (not included).
  • The oven control foresees the possibility to adjust different temperatures for certain time frames, creating a temperature curve for a preset time.

Other features

  • Rewinding station for rolls up to 500 mm.
  • Rewinding 74 mm (3”) expanding shaft, free on one side.
  • The web can run in both directions, a dedicated setup of the gluer permits to have the web running in the same direction of the grain or opposite.
  • The whole grain area: hopper and strewing systems are enclosed in a closed room, accessible from two doors. Air conditioning can be installed in this area.

Size and Power

  • Overall machine dimensions: 9.6 x 2.7 x 2.9 m
  • Approx. weight: 4,900 kg
  • Installed power: 15 kW
  • Air consumption: 2,000 Nl/h