The LM-HM jumbo roll laminating machine is designed to laminate velcro, sponge and other materials on coated abrasive full width web backing side. LM-HM is a high-performance machine, suitable for the continuous process of jumbo rolls. Optionally the system to handle PSA lamination could be added.

Technical Data

  • Useful abrasive jumbo unwinding width: 1,650 mm, up to 1,250 mm dia., 2 tons weight
  • Laminated material (e.g. Velcro) roll width: 1,750 mm, up to 1,000 mm dia.
  • Automatic alignment on coated abrasive unwinder
  • Laminated material (e.g. Velcro) web tension is controlled by dancer roll
  • Variable speed drive up to 30 m/min
  • Hot Melt gluer application head, slot die type, covering the whole web width
  • The Hot Melt system can guarantee a minimum of 18 gr/m2 of applied glue
  • Application head with variable application width, to a min. of 900 mm
  • Hot Melt application head can be displaced both horizontally and vertically with fine adjustment
  • Drum melter for 200 liter resin drum
  • Both laminating rolls (top and bottom) are rubber coated, 250 mm dia. and they are both motorized
  • After lamination web goes over idle rolls, one integrating load cell for web tension control
  • Web is driven by a pull station placed before rewinder
  • Useful rewound jumbo width: 1,750 mm, up to 1,200 mm dia.
  • Rewound web tension is controlled by load cell
  • The complete machine is electronically controlled to automatically manage torque control on each station. Feedback to the operator is given by display featuring also touch screen for parameters control


  • Automatically controlled pneumatic brake
  • Laminated material (e.g. Velcro) spread roll
  • Motorized glue application head width adjustment PSA drum melter, tubes and valves
  • Cleaning product melter

Size and Power

  • Overall machine dimensions: 7.6 x 6.3 x 3.2 m
  • Approx. weight: 13,000 kg
  • Installed power: 47 kW
  • Air consumption: 2500 Nl/h