The Resin Coater is designed to be integrated in coated abrasive production lines. The coater is able to apply first coat (Maker), second coat (Sizer) or even be used for Third Coating application. Available in various max web widths, as standard it is produced for 1650 mm or 2050 mm wide coating surface.

Technical Data

  • Strong frame composed of two side shoulders and connection steel tubes
  • Top shaft fixed, on which web is folded
  • Top shaft hard chromed and independently motorized by servo motor
  • Bottom shaft vertically moving, with fine adjustment by servo motor
  • Bottom shaft rubber covered and independently motorized by servo motor
  • Bottom shaft housing quickly openable for an easy shaft removal and installation
  • Stainless steel glue basin, supported by electrical operated frame for vertical displacement
  • Glue basin, optionally, may be heated
  • Spreader roll on material entrance, just before coating unit
  • Brake roll, 300 mm diameter, rubber covered with pneumatic brake
  • On web exit, optionally, a smoothing roll, independently motorized, can be installed