The Double Unwinder for Coating Systems is designed to have one Jumbo Roll processed and running on the actual production recipe and a second one ready for next planned batch.

This system does not only handle two jumbos at the same time but it also provide an Auto-Splice System that allow to not stop production while passing from one jumbo roll to the next.

Not only, the way it is designed permits to keep the same production speed also, so while the auto-splice acts the whole maker can still run at the set production speed, to generate less waste.

For certain materials, where cutting speed and web tension must be changed during splice operation, the Double Unwinder can be equipped with a Web Accumulation Device that will detach maker speed from unwinder speed.

The accumulator could be installed vertical or horizontal, based on plant available space.

Double Unwinder has several options available, to increase its automation level:

  • Web tension control by load cells
  • Automatic brake pressure adjustment
  • Automatic web edge guide
  • Automatic safety chucks