The High-Voltage Electrostatic Grain Strewing System is designed to apply the abrasive grain on web backing side. The web has previously been coated with resin then the electro grain coating, using a high voltage electrostatic field, coat the web with grain. With all the possible adjustments that this system provides a wide range of grit size and grit type can be coated. Also the setups permit to handle web of different width, running speed and coating methods.

Technical Data

  • Top frame vertically moving, independent on the two sides (web entrance and exit)
  • Bottom frame realized in special isolated material, to handle high voltage applied to electrodes
  • Easily removable electrodes, both high voltage and ground, to create different electrostatic field lengths
  • Motorized conveyor, running over high voltage electrodes, transporting the grit in the electrostatic field
  • One or more grain hoppers equipped with vibrating plate to strew the grain
  • Grain hopper fine grit quantity adjustment, motorized
  • Fast grain strewing width setup
  • Possibility to install automatic grit circulation system
  • System can be supplied with DC and/or AC High-Voltage Generator
  • All parameters can be controlled via touch panel and saved in recipes for an easy setup recall