The roll slitter machine type TR-N2 is designed to cut rolls of abrasive paper and cloth and to rewind them with grain both inside and outside. TR-N2 is a high-performance machine which is suitable for the continuous process of heavy jumbos. It can moreover cut from full jumbo width rolls of 20-25 mm width for the production of flap discs, flap wheels and economy rolls.

Technical Data

  • Variable speed up to 60 m/min
  • Cut by pneumatic knifeholders or with fixed knife set
  • Expanding shafts on both unwinder and rewinder sides
  • Automaitc web alignment on rewinder
  • Pneumatic unwinding brake, adjustable
  • Unwinder maximum diameter 1000 mm
  • Rewinders maximum diameters 600 mm (700 mm on single shaft)
  • Easy to operate rewinders thanks to flag opening shafts
  • Automatic length measuring device with preset automatic slow-down


  • Pnumatic knifeholders with pneumatic clamping, positioning by hand wheel (KH-50)
  • Pneumatic fixed knife set (FKS) for cutting width less than 50 mm out of the whole slitting width
  • Quick selection of the two cutting systems


  • Speed up to 100 m/min
  • Separate unwinder up to 1250 mm diameter jumbo roll
  • Automatic brake tension control
  • Cross cutter
  • Lift table to perform better insertion of the roll ends into the rewinding shaft
  • Special display showing the distance between the individual knifeholders
  • Support rolls on rewinding system for lock rolls-end
  • Trim rewinders

Size and Power (TR-N2-1650 model with perimetric protections)

  • Overall machine dimensions: 4.5 x 4.7 x 2.5 m
  • Approx. weight: 5,500 kg
  • Installed power: 31 kW
  • Air consumption: 510 Nl/cycle