The Web Vision machine is designed to unwind and rewind full jumbo roll, for operator to check web during unwinding/rewinding operation. Web runs up vertical at inclined angle to present web grain side to the operator. Operator can check the web and side attach a label where defect is detected.


  • Useful width: 1,650 mm
  • Unwinding station for rolls up to 1,200 mm dia., excluding expanding shaft
  • Automatic alignment of the unwinding material (automatic tracking)
  • Pneumatic unwinding brake, manually controlled
  • Web runs up vertical at angle for web show to operator
  • Catwalk in between unwinder and pulling station for operator visual material control
  • Variable speed drive up to 50 m/min
  • One motorized rubber covered shaft as pulling shaft, web runs over this shaft from the grain side
  • This motorized shaft is needed to separate tension between unwinder and rewinder
  • The rewinder is independently motorized able to manage 1,200 mm dia. jumbo
  • The rewinder is equipped with a 12 kW servo motor able to perform a maximum web tension of 3.5 N/mm decreasing to 1.5 N/mm at maximum jumbo diameter.
  • The complete machine is electronically controlled to automatically manage torque control on rewinding station. The installed software automatically calculates roll diameter on rewinder. Feedback to the operator is given by display featuring also touch screen for parameters control.


  • Variable speed up to 80 m/min
  • Automatic unwinder brake management (jumbo diameter detection with close loop control on brake pressure)
  • Joining table on unwinder side, permitting the operator to join the end of one jumbo to the next one on processing (this option avoids web feeding on each new processed jumbo roll)
  • Waste winder
  • Trim winders
  • Web backing humidifying system, placed between pulling and rewinding stations
  • WEKO web backing humidifying system integration: the system is placed between pulling and rewinding stations


  • Overall machine dimensions: 6.9 x 4.1 x 2.5 m