The LM-WR laminating machine is designed to laminate flexible materials like: foam materials, textile, rubber and plastic filmes with single or double-sided adhesive tapes. Multiple layers processing is as well possible. The machine can be configured with single or multiple unwinders, liner removal, slitter system, cross cutter, winders and tables for sheet format handling.

Technical Data

  • For web width up to 1600 mm
  • Main product unwinder for max roll dia. 915 mm (36”)
  • Adhesive tape unwinder for max roll dia. 400 mm (16”)
  • Unwinders equipped with pneumatic brake and sensor for roll dia. detection
  • Automatic brake pressure adjustment
  • Safety chucks for 50x50 mm square ends and pneumatic expanding shafts 3” dia.
  • Lamination unit equipped with double rubber covered rolls, both motorized
  • Top roll vertical sliding to adjust lamination gap
  • Lamination rubber rolls are easy to remove for quick replacing and maintenance
  • Rewinder up to 36” dia. roll
  • Winding tension quick to adjust
  • Removable winder
  • 2 tables for material sheet processing
  • Up to 10 m/min linear speed
  • HMI for machine parameters control
  • The complete machine can be placed on casters